Today it was a balmy 27 degrees and the pool is open. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Now the internal travel within France has been lifted until 19hrs. Here is a resume of the steps out of lockdown in Frnce. We are now having guests for May from French guests and look forward to seeing more countries soon. The land border with Spain is open for those working and the UK is one of the countries who nolonger needs a compelling reason to enter France. 

1. Travelling from the UK to France

People travelling from the UK, whatever their nationality, are no longer required to have a compelling reason to enter French territory.

However, anyone travelling over the age of 11 still needs to present a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours before departure. sworn health declaration, which includes a commitment to self-isolate for seven days and carry out a second PCR test following the period of self-isolation, must also be presented during checks.

People who have been vaccinated remain subject to the same rules (PRC test and sworn declaration).

People are still strongly advised to keep international travel to a minimum. Anyone wishing to travel to France from the UK is also responsible for checking that they are permitted to do so under UK regulations. Indeed, from 8 March a new form must be presented to the UK authorities to leave England. Only those with a valid reason to travel may leave British territory.

Second step starting from May 19, 2021:

Curfew is to be postponed to 9 p.m. for the first time.

- Non-necessary stores could reopen with a fitted protocol.

Terraces could reopen with tables up to 6 patrons.

Cultural places could reopen: museums, monuments, movie theaters, theaters, as well as show venues, on the condition the public is seated and limited to 800 people inside and 1,000 people outside. The same gauge is expected for crowds in sporting places outdoor and indoor.

- Sporting activities could resume in indoor places and outdoor places in compliance with a health protocol, while gatherings of 10 people are banned (instead of 6 before).


Laho, la terrasse en rooftop Gare de LyonLockdown exit: terraces to reopen from May 19, 2021
After restaurants, bars, and cafés closed for months because of the coronavirus epidemic, estimations for reopening date have been raised again, incited by the acceleration of the vaccination campaign and the hope to see the health situation improve by the summer 2021. During a meeting held with mayors this April 27, Emmanuel Macron is said to have confirmed all terraces are to reopen from mid-May 2021 everywhere in France. According to Europe 1, they could reopen from May 19, 2021. This news could be confirmed this Friday April 30, 2021 by Macron's statements expected in the regional press.

Visuel Paris Printemps HaussmannLockdown exit: non-necessary stores to reopen from May 19
Non-necessary stores have been closed since April 3, 2021 - when the third lockdown started in France. When will these stores reopen? According to Europe 1 and Le Parisien, they could reopen from May 19, 2021.

Visuel Paris Concorde nuitLockdown exit: curfew to be progressively postponed starting May 19
According to news about the lockdown exit calendar this Thursday April 29, 2021, curfew could be postponed twice between May and June, before being fully lifted at the beginning of summer.

Third step starting from June 9, 2021:

Curfew will be postponed again to 23 p.m.

Working from home will be eased for the first time.

Cafés and restaurants could reopen their indoor dining room with fitted limits and health protocols, as well as maximum 6 patrons around a table.

Cultural places and sporting places will be allowed to receive up to 5,000 people with a health pass. Gyms could reopen with fitted limits and protocols, outdoor contact sports, and indoor sports could be allowed.

- Foreign tourists could also be allowed to visit France thanks to a health pass.

Felicità, le restaurant XXL de Station F by Big Mamma, les photosLockdown exit: restaurants and cafés to reopen from June 9, 2021
The reopening of restaurants is not likely to take place the same way for everyone in France. Visiting Melun this Monday April 26, 2021, President Emmanuel Macron claimed “I think we cannot reopen restaurant mid-May or June in departments it still circulates a lot”. Statements he reportedly confirmed during a conference held this April 27 with mayors from France. This Thursday April 29, Europe 1 shares the lockdown exit calendar in advance and the reopening of cafés and restaurants is scheduled on June 9, 2021.

Last but not least, fourth step from June 30, 2021:

Curfew is to end, limits in places open to the public could be eased as well (depending on the local health situation).

- It could be possible to access events over 1,000 indoor and outdoor on the condition people have a health pass.

- The gauge limits are to change depending on the territory’s health situation.

- Nightclubs are to stay closed.

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