Spa Treks - WE ARE LIVE!

We have finally got website up and running - woo hoo! and looking for some fun adventures with it this year. Now applying some of the many years experience of expeditions, challenges, exploration and pleasures around the world - we are keen to share some with you. We have experts in yoga, running, climbing, health and fitness and mountain exploration to concoct a dream holiday.

Choose from:

  Historic and Gourmet long w/e £595
  Snowshoe and Ski week £595
  Mountain Trail running intro week £795
  Yoga Trek Week £650

For dates see our website. Courses can easily be arranged at other times for groups of 3 or more. Individual packages available for some activties.

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Big thanks to Catherine Cooper and Easyjet who published the Spa-Treks story in thier April Magazine! Page 14 and 16-17n on the online version. Ruth starred in the profile piece swimming about in les Bains de Coulubret in Ax les Thermes.